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New to Homeschooling?

It can seem overwhelming to take control of your child's education. Today, more than three million children are homeschooled in the U.S. There are lots of great resources and

support groups to help

you on your journey.​


A classical education is based on the Trivium, Latin for "when three roads meet." The ancients called these roads grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The Bible calls them knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Because modern education only trains us to perform certain tasks, known often as specialization, we are often forced to rely on others to do the "critical thinking" and in-depth analysis of our studies. Classical education is in actuality a liberal arts education, freeing us from this necessity. Once a student is proficient in the the tools of learning, he is able to learn any material on his own.

Why do we need a "liberal" education? Liberal, in the sense of education, is not referring to a political party or a certain set of moral ideals. Rather, a liberal education seeks to free humans from bondage to the material world. This freedom is important, for this is our purpose, to find the meaning behind the temporal, the "hidden" design of all that God has created. This discovery and contemplation cannot be accomplished with an education whose sole goal is to perform technical tasks, keeping only future employment in mind. The mind is made to contemplate truth, and a liberal arts education trains us to see things as they really are.

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Texas Law

Homeschools in Texas are considered private schools and are not regulated by the state. Texas leads the nation in the number of children who are homeschooled. Check

out what Texas law has

to say concerning this issue.

Salve Regina is a mentor-driven cooperative serving the Catholic education needs of the North Dallas area. We believe that the classical model equips any person who truly desires to learn with the ability to grasp any material which he desires to know. With this goal in mind, we rely primarily on home educators as mentors for our class instruction, believing them to be capable by their very vocation as parents.  We encourage home educators to learn alongside his/her child and reduce the need for paid tutors in the future.

Being part of a cooperative allows you to be directly involved in your child's education. Parent/mentor driven education also allows us to facilitate a first rate education at a very low cost.  Many parents desire a Catholic education for their child, but the substantial cost that comes with brick-n-mortar schools makes this impossible.



salve regina home co-op

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